The Start of the Challenge : Week #1

At our first day we were divided into our project teams and got our sub-challenges. For the group 4 the challenge is to figure out “how to incorporate the elders in the design and execution of prevention programs for the effects <disasters> of environmental phenomena”.
We also attended the class about presentations in The Innovation Center of Pontifical University of Chile. During the week we get to know our team and had one task about innovation process. We were presented innovation tools that we can use on our sub-challenge.

At weekend we got together with our project team and named it as “ByeDisasters”. We started to open the sub-challenge to ourselves so the main problem would become clear for all of us.

These following questions came up on our mind;

  • Which are the disasters we need to focus on?
  • Who has the power to influence people?
  • How is the prevention program at the moment?
  • Search information of prevention program well developed (where is it and how it’s working)
  • How do we get aging people incorporated (what kind of problems do we have?)


For the coming week we’ll have to do a lot of research about disasters and organizations involved. We also have much to do for finding working habits to our team. We need to have all participants to be motivated and build the trust between each other’s. After our very first week I feel like our team is very motivated. So that this motivation and passion will last for the end of the project we should to talk together about the goal. What does it mean for us to succeed? That’ll be the question for the coming week.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-10 at 22.43.10WhatsApp Image 2018-04-10 at 22.43.58


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