Week #5

On this week we decided that we needed to organize all the information that we collect in all the process of this project, and also do analysis of them. once the information was classified we discover that we need more information from the organizations, how is the communication with the community, how the information is getting to the people and where is the information that they have for the people, if is easy to get it, If is in a language that everybody can understand and another questions.

After we started to organize the presentation was the most fundamental, so we had to develop the process as quickly as possible to develop opportunities and make possible solutions. The main idea that we wanted to highlight in our presentation was how to tell a story, contextualize to understand what we were talking about and be able to show all the process that we had to do to reach the opportunities, so we developed a storytelling in order to better verbalize our idea, we made a drive where the steps to be followed were classified and each had the responsibility to develop a point, among them was analysis of territories with the development of the protocol, interviews, observations, insights, codes found, in summary all the information gathered and developed. Another very important point was to graphically develop the information, get the attention of the teachers present and our colleagues, that they knew and understood our project.

This Thursday we did the presentation of our deliverable. It consisted to communicate all of our qualitative field research and showing our findings. We got those findings using grounded theory and using different tools to make sense if the data and synthesis the information. We used different tools like codes, personas and journey maps. Then we put our opportunity and possible solutions. From the feedback we received congratulations for our progress, but we need to rewrite our opportunity because it seems like a solution and is similar to our sub-challenge and this will be our first step to work on next week.