Week #6

On Wednesday, we witness the Mockup presentation by the students in the classroom of Constanza. The Mockup is a scale or actual size model of a design or device, used for demonstration, design evaluation, promotion, and for other purposes. A mockup is a prototype if it provides at least part of the functionality of a system and allows design testing.

Some had high quality, to elaborate the students used various materials implemented different modalities from modeling in wood to the use of cardstock to model an interface of an application.

We had to take three objects to the reverse engineering class to deconstruct them and write in a presentation about how the pieces were related between themselves and how we could relate this with our project. So we took a cellphone, a calculator and a flashlight to the class. Then we deconstruct and took photos of each step of deconstruction. After all we listed each piece and took photos. Then we started to think in a way to relate all this objects with our project. It’s a hard work to do, but we tried to figure it out this process. Our sub-challenge is related with include the elders in prevention programs to environmental phenomena. So the question is: “How are the calculator, the flashlight and the cellphone related with our sub-challenge?”

Then we started to think about all the research that we did in this project, all the data that we gathered from the interviews, our personas and all the feedbacks from the professors and then we could make an analysis and relate all the information with each function of the pieces. Maybe can be harder to students from area of exact sciences, but it is a very interesting work to do.

On Thursday was the first delivery, where also the counterparts participated. We had been working a lot during these six weeks, so we were very nervous about if we are going in the right direction. All the teams had 3 minutes to pitch their progress of the project. After our 3 minutes pitch each team had a stand where we presented three ideas of our solutions. Our counterpart really seemed to be very interested of our opportunity even though he also was questioning us a lot. For him, our solutions seemed to be too abstract, very good and important assumptions but not solutions yet. So we heard what we were hoping; we are going on right direction and we still a lot work to do…

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-11 at 23.44.29

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