Week #7

On this new deliverable, our process to do the presentation was first of all, do a summarizes with all the conclusion of the past deliverables that could be useful for explain how we create our solution, then we analyzed that our focus is the emotional connection with the family and the motivation to have this solution is protect the family doing a prevention program easy to answer and a reminder for everyone to be prepared and alert in every place.

The idea was to present a storytelling and make understand the process we had done before reaching the mock up, a summary of the people, the actors involved to make clear how to get involved with our solution, to finally do a journey map explaining our solution, understand how is the user’s journey and who participates. In conclusion we use design methodologies to better explain our solution

So to build our prototype, we need to do something with low tech to work everywhere and with anybody. Also, something that makes people feels safe and finally to remind them prevention.  We are going to achieve that making people aware of the location of a safety zone by guiding them to the location in a public space.WhatsApp Image 2018-05-27 at 13.00.57

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