Week #8

On Wednesday May 23 we had breakfast and the host was group 5, this group did not propose any dynamics but at the end of the breakfast we were able to hold a brainstorming session where all the teams raised their opportunity and based on that they thought In different ideas, after a while the teams rotated and each one give their idea to each team contributing to the questions that each team made. After that we received a group feedback from each team and arrived at the new conclusions that helped to clarify concepts.

On Wednesday we introduced our new solution for teachers. We had many good ideas put into a one solution. The teachers were very clear with us that we need to choose one and develop that. From the beginning one of the hardest parts has been focusing on one solution. We have many ideas that could work with our challenge but now we really had the situation when we needed to leave the other ideas behind. So, we chose the solution that has the most potential of development and possibility to be scaled from the very local and individual level into a national concept. Also we already had the knowledge and idea of the technology that we will use on that solution. It will be a device that makes you feel safe. It is a prevention in your pocket; compass that shows you the direction to safety zone. But the idea behind the device is way more than just a compass, it will make the interactions between people, feeling of belonging.

This week we worked also on the prototype. We did research about technologies that could be useful, with low technologies and as cheap as possible to reach not only the elders but also all the population. We thought to make a device that could be useful for people before the environmental phenomena (in our case, earthquake). Although there are prevention programs, the elders are not including in them. In this way, the objective of this device would be to make the prevention be part of their daily lives to remind the people to prevent. In this way, we are developing a device that can be interactive with people and also can help them in the moment of the environmental phenomena, because in that way, this will not become a disaster.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-29 at 23.24.55

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