Week #8

On Wednesday May 23 we had breakfast and the host was group 5, this group did not propose any dynamics but at the end of the breakfast we were able to hold a brainstorming session where all the teams raised their opportunity and based on that they thought In different ideas, after a while the […]

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Week #7

On this new deliverable, our process to do the presentation was first of all, do a summarizes with all the conclusion of the past deliverables that could be useful for explain how we create our solution, then we analyzed that our focus is the emotional connection with the family and the motivation to have this […]

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Week #6

On Wednesday, we witness the Mockup presentation by the students in the classroom of Constanza. The Mockup is a scale or actual size model of a design or device, used for demonstration, design evaluation, promotion, and for other purposes. A mockup is a prototype if it provides at least part of the functionality of a […]

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Week #5

On this week we decided that we needed to organize all the information that we collect in all the process of this project, and also do analysis of them. once the information was classified we discover that we need more information from the organizations, how is the communication with the community, how the information is getting […]

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Week #4

This week we have been focusing for our team and that every one of us is on the same page. We created new folder on drive where we are having all the materials, and all the important information for the whole process from the day on to this moment.   ORGANIZING THE TEAM   We […]

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Week #3

We did the interviews with 18 elders in Estación Central, San Bernardo and general places because our goal was to know people from different vulnerable places. So we choose Estacion central as a urban environment and San Bernardo to represent a countryside place. In addition, we wanted to know people who lived in different places […]

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Week #2

This week she had more presentation classes as she did a well-made and efficient presentation, and had the participation of some students of Professor Constancia. We have learned a new tool that helps us and we better see an innovative solution using the Context Map. We had our first meeting with our Counterpart that the […]

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The Start of the Challenge : Week #1

At our first day we were divided into our project teams and got our sub-challenges. For the group 4 the challenge is to figure out “how to incorporate the elders in the design and execution of prevention programs for the effects <disasters> of environmental phenomena”. We also attended the class about presentations in The Innovation […]

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