Our last week in the project the passion, full of emotions, a sense of great relief and pride in what we have achieved.

I am very grateful for this opportunity, I met amazing people, new cultures, new languages, a real experience and I will never forget it.

I faced my fears and I was able to get ahead in spite of everything, I showed myself what I am capable of and how to face my future, it helped me to measure my abilities in the professional field and that I can deliver too much as an industrial designer.

I had many moments of stress, of not wanting more, really intense, but they are the ones that helped me to continue and finish what I started.

Happy and proud of what we arrived at with my team, although at the beginning of this adventure we didn’t know how to organize ourselves, nor were we clear about our path. At the end of this story I can say that we achieved it, we gave the best of each other and we developed our skills to the maximum, happy of my team, happy to be part of this project and hopefully it will never end.



What a complicated week, despite our hard work, full of challenges, with very little time to reach the level of our commitment, we feel very proud of what we have achieved, as students we are doing this course with the purpose of learning and making mistakes and that is exactly what we have done.
Remembering the first few weeks, where we were not clear on how to work or what to do, I see our group now and I realize that we have moved forward and developed very well, as each one is doing what they love and love, showing and delivering the best of each one for this project.
Personally I feel very good with my work in this team, I develop in my area and I see fruits of it and it has been very useful to get where we are.
We have much more to do to move forward and give more clarity to the idea of our project, but we are eager to do our best and work hard to make our project known.
I hope it is worth all the time and dedication we have given.


This week we made mockup and tested our idea, to make our improvements in the design of our prototype and achieve an excellent delivery for the next week.

Thanks to the testing we were able to redesign on this and make a 3d model.

As a group we want to be very professional and acerbic with our project, that’s why we want the portotype that we are making to be as real as possible and we occupy the technology of the 3d printer and also components such as arduino and RFID technology.
We have a lot of pressure for next week, as this is the last delivery and we are in the final.



This week we made a summary of our presentation delivered last week, we rethought our opportunity, according to the critics of the counterpart, we analyzed our project much better and we developed our solution even more and focused it.

In addition to reaching our solution, which certainly cost us too much, it was very complicated because this part of the project is where innovation is evident.

we develop the presentation of our chosen solution for our teachers, in conclusion we have to focus on our solution, which is what we want to achieve or for whom we want to have the important factors in place and be able to communicate in the best way what we want to say, supported by the visual.

Next week we have to develop our mockup in order to test our idea and see if we need to make changes.


This week was very intense, of hard work with the team, we had to prepare our presentation of our project for the IF where our counterpart would meet and give us feedback on the 3 possible solutions we presented.
First of all, we develop methods to reach our possible solutions, we use brainstorming, as well as environmental observations, interviews, and different studies of the actors involved in order to better focus our opportunity and create solutions.
After presenting our opportunity, the counterpart made criticisms about what we proposed, whether good or bad, as a group, we were satisfied with the results, since we realized that it had been a change of research and meticulous work, with a lot of analysis and rethinking.
Now we have very little time left and we must achieve an excellent result.


This week wasvery intense , we made a lot of analysis, we put together all the information we had done in order to conclude our opportunities and develop the possible solutions.

We spent long hours developing graphic ideas, how to tell our story and make a good introduction to our challenge, our main idea was to improve all the shortcomings we had from the previous presentation, so that each had a different task and in the end we complemented .

After the presentation on Thursday, we had good comments, we noticed the difference with the previous time and they congratulated us, but we still have to improve!

I am happy to be able to help and collaborate in this team, we go for the next week!


We developed our protocol and did the investigation of the vulnerable zones, the Central Station and San Bernardo, and then we will conduct interviews and observations in these places to the elderly, since they are the protagonists of this challenge. People were asked about their lifestyle, experience and everything related to the importance of developing the challenge.

With this information, an analysis was made of both places, contrasting some points, in which are the main codes for this challenge, among them is the organization of the community, its dynamics, participation, relationship with its environment, how they act in the emergency case and many others.

Then, with all the information gathered in the field and studying our context, we brainstormed to gather the codes, ideas and words that helped us develop our opportunities.

Make the presentation of our project, after a full week, conducting studies and research, we still have a lot to develop and how to use the equipment, so that the effort is worthwhile.



Search for information in relation to the challenge, the idea is to understand all the actors of the investigation with documents, documentation and other means that facilitates the search for information.

Focus our research on places with experience in natural disasters, study their resilience in a context of vulnerability.

With the help of the classes at DILAB, we can better direct our research, with more assertive and practical methodologies, in this week we develop maps in context where we discover the first codes of our challenge, to know who are involved and how they relate to each other. they, in a few words, contextualize our challenge.

At the end of the week we had the research sites ready in the field and we have to develop our protocol to do the downloading of information and the development of future opportunities.

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We did exercises to get to know each other better, in addition, positions were given in the team and they made us develop a test challenge, to test ourselves and make our team work.
Regarding that experience, it was excellent and we worked very well, there is creativity and commitment, I hope it lasts over time.
Experiences in the PUC, new systems of work and teaching, I feel very happy and excited to be in this project, many enriching experiences, a challenge for me.

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Daniela, Chile

Hi! I’m Daniela Rodríguez from chile. Iʼm studying industrial design at Duoc Uc.I’m in the fourth year of my career, I have experience in product development and service for the market, in addition to everything related to 3D modeling programs, sketch and solutions.

I have great expectations in this collaborative project with exchange students. Committed to what I do and willing to give the best of myself, with the intention of enjoying and having a great experience as a person and professional.