Week #9

This week was one of the most difficult of all, In a week, idealize our new solution, research the best technology,  we bought  materials to assemble the circuit, we thought a lot about the programming logic in our device, we made the drawing in the Inventor software, we printed the 3D mold, set up a presentation, made the poster of our prototype, and rehearsed our pitch, but even so 2 of 4 teachers gave us the worst feedback from all since we started the project, but this is not shaking me because the I am very proud of the work that we made on the time, resource and the lack of organization to use the laboratory in the institution.

I am very happy with our solution and all my team that are giving everything that they can, completely delivered to work, we greatly improve our communication. We are not perfect, I agree with some feedback and we will improve that and those who we don’t agree i will only forget, based on all technical knowledge that I had in my university  and my creation given by my parents I will not give up of what I believe.

Week #8

This week was very productive, we had a session of Brainstorming with other groups of LaPassion, and everyone gave some suggestions on the sub-challenge of each group, this way we could have more ideas for improve our solution.

We were able to add some tips in our prevention kit and receive a good feedback from Professor Andreia. After that, let’s start the materialized solution, our device that acts as a compass to show where the safety zones are to people when they are walking on the streets, in case of  some natural disasters happen they know where they should go.

Then we made our first Mock UP, took it to the field and did 17 interviews with people of all ages to know what they think about our device and we had a very good feedbacks, after debating all the questions and improve our project with the analyzes that we made, We decided to divide ourselves to perform our performance in the activities of the next week.

Week #7

This week was very intense, we started with a lot of work since Sunday with the preparations for our breakfast on Tuesday, we were able to put together a good breakfast with an activity for the participants to interact during the network session and also we were able to collect some data that were very relevant to the construction of our Mock Up.

After some feedback we had to adapt our first Mock Up, we were including a lot of technology in our solution and this can be a problem when talking about natural disasters.

We did a general analysis of all the presentations that we already had to triangulate the information we have already obtained and build our Mock Up and show it in the deliverable, we received a positive feedback with some suggestions that we decided to implement from next week.

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Week #6

This week was very important for us, we had a quick class of Mock Up for what they serve and how to differentiate a Mock Up from a prototype, which is very important for the early stages of design, particularly in my undergraduate I had never heard of it and is an excellent tool especially in my engineering area.

We had a different reverse engineering class because in addition to reverse engineering that we had already studied in my college, we needed to understand the function of each piece in the construction and deconstruction of the object and make analogies with our sub-challenge and see how they are connected.

At the end of the week we had our partial presentation with our counterparts besides showing all our progress to the coordinators of the project we could also see how the progress of the other groups is going.

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Week #5

This week we started working deeper on our opportunity, after repairing and receiving all feedback from the last presentation we did some more interviews this time in the organization of the places that they most frequent.
We have been able to better elaborate our “personas” to better understand the public that we are working on. We also learned a new tool called “Jorney Map” in which we can put our “personas” and better understand each scenario in the order of events (beginning / middle / end).
The relationship between our team is getting better and better since we started to reorganize our work methodology, a motivated team that is always helping those who need it and always leaving everyone at the same level

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Week #4

This week was very productive, had a meeting with our time and made an analysis of how each member is participating and how they are in their results and can improve as a team. We received lot feedbacks last week, and we are applying all the items for the next presentation.

After so much work, the challenge of understanding four different languages in the same group, even the official language has being English, our communication improved by the level of understanding of each participant and adapted my understanding to the way that is more familiar and clear for each one.

The agenda of meetings has been organized, each time we meet there is a responsible for this meeting and the topics that need to be answered are presented in a complete list of all events, being a review of what was done recently and what each one needs to prepare for the next. On this way we can get everyone to interact more, better managing time and developing leadership in each member.

Week #3

In our third week, we studied how to make approaches and formulate interview protocols to get the most information more efficiently, after that we did our field research we went to several parks in different parts of Santiago and interviewed several elders, listening to the types of the natural disasters they went through, how they felt, and what kind of losses they had.

After the interviews we did code-coding with the information acquired and we were able to draw common profiles for a better understanding of common aspects among the interviewees.

On Thursday we had our presentation on how our entire process was: Preparing for the interviews, what we did during the interviews and after completing them, Raising all this information we did a brainstorming to find 3 opportunities in front of the information we got. We have received several feedbacks to work on this coming fourth week now.


Week #2

This week we had again classes on how to make a good presentation and some tips on how to design our prototype, which will be seen in more detail in the next class. We learned how to model ideas for innovative solutions using Context Map. We had our first meeting with our professional counterpart with more experience in the area of our Sub-challege, where we could get a better idea of our challenge. From this we reformulated our Map context which was divided into several parts for each one to research more deeply, the next day we met each one presented his research and we put all our information together and thus we were able to elaborate what will be our next step, the formulation of the protocols of interviews. We present our results, researches and debates acquired so far and receive some feedback from teachers Andreia and Laura.


Week #1

On our first day we were received at the Pontifical Catholic University, campus san juaquin, by the teachers and coordinators of the LAPASSION project, where they presented with more details what our next 10 weeks will be like. The first step was the division of groups where each one has a different sub-challenge to work, after that we had our first class with teacher Constanza Miranda, about how to do a good presentation, the importance of recording each step of the process to the posture and diction when presenting.

We had a very interesting and very dynamic workshop about how to do a brainstorm to innovative solutions with Professor Andrea at DuocUC Campus Antonio Varas, which will be very useful for the prototype or service that we will develop in the future.

At the end of the week, our group met, we were able to get to know each other and we were able to better interpret our goal and set some starting points for next week.