Our Team

We are multicultural and multidisciplinary project team of Lapassion project. We are working together to bring new solutions to improve lives for aging population across the world.

Our Sub-mission is to incorporate the elders in the design and execution of prevention programs for the effect <disasters> of environmental phenomena.

On this blog you can follow our ten-week journey towards success!


Sara, Finland – Team Coordinator

Hi! I’m Sara Kauppinen from Finland. I’m studying Business Administration at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. My field of expertise is entrepreneurship and team leadership. I have specialized on projects concerning event organizing, marketing and creating websites. I have a lot interest for teamwork by utilizing the strengths of individuals.

The expectations for lapassion project is to see the power of multicultural and multidisciplinary team to create new solutions which can be put into practice.

Jorge, Brazil – Recording & Keeping track

I’m Jorge Vasconcellos from Brazil. I’m an Electronics Technician studying Control and Automation Engineering at the Federal Institute of Amazonas (IFAM), currently working with scientific research in the area of automation of recycling processes of organic material, I have experience as an advisor in business management by Junior Achievement, tests engineering of  JIG for recording and testing, programming and maintenance of industrial robots.

My expectations for the Lapassion project is to develop my language skills, leadership skills and explore the new technologies which will help the community.

Bernardita, Chile – External Contacts

Hi everyone! My name is Bernardita González. I’m from Chile and I’m studying Engineering at Universidad Católica. My major is Innovation and Design and I postulated to La Passion project while I ‘m cursing DiLab.
In my case, I’m a student from life. I really enjoy learning new things from people, working on different projects and spending my free time, like holidays, opening my mind with new experiences. For now, these experiences have been about education, user experience, sustainability, health and technology.
I really enjoy perceiving different realities, making connections, understanding how things work. Also potentiate my abilities, discover new ones and new interests, create and contribute from my deep reflections and observations.
With passion and hard work, I expect to learn how to potentiate every member of the group considering the difficulties of having different cultures, language, disciplines and experiences.

I want to learn from the different perspectives others have to approach to some theme, to do research or design or develop some product and create a new way mixing all the backgrounds.

This is a really good opportunity to grow, and also to comprobate that it is better being part of this kind of groups than others that are conformed with similar people. I’m here to put in doubt the value of the multidiscipline.

Mateo, Uruguay – Team Budget

I’m Mateo Olivera from Uruguay. I am studying Mechatronics Engineering at the Technological University of Uruguay. I have previous experiences in projects such as electronics, mechanics, programming and design. I also participated in the innovation week at UTEC.

I am very interested in industrial automation, lately in my spare time I worked on small personal projects, such as the application of technology in conventional processes of food production.

The Lapassion project generates many expectations, such as improving my English level to improve my communication with my colleagues and make the most of my skills to help the team.

Sofia, Chile – Design

Hello! My name is Sofía Tapia, i’m from Chile, and i’m at the last year of Graphic Design at Duoc UC.

I like travel and meet new people from everywhere, learn other cultures and i’m interested at all the areas of design, at my free time i like relaxing doing draws, painting and designing. I also work like freelance at my area.

At “LaPassion” i expect lear how to create a big project, communicate my ideas in better way, practice my inglish and use my soft skills.

Daniela, Chile – Design

Hi! My name is Daniela Rodríguez, Iʼm from Chile , Iʼm studying industrial design at Duoc Uc. I was born in Santiago, San Bernardo commune, since I was little I went to a school called San Agustín, I won an award for the student withmore years in the institution,they were 13 years of my life, very intense and unforgettable.

After my degree, I decided to study Industrial Design, at first everything was stormy, the jobs and the extensive trips to get to the study house were terrible, but over time I balanced what I liked with what I did not and I was looking for a opportunity in

it. The delay time to my home will serve to recreate.

Daniel, Brazil – Technology

I´m Daniel Marques from Brazil. I´m studying Information Systems at the Federal Institute of Maranhao (IFMA) and i´m working with a research project entitled “The profile of the researches of IFMA”, with the objective of develop programs to incentive innovation projects. I´m so excited because my interests and experience with technology can increase our team.
I see the Lapassion project as a great opportunity to grow with a researcher and open the mind to the actual situation of the population and improve conditions for the elders.