Sara Kauppinen

Week #9

This week we had a final deliverable. It has been hard week, we worked a lot and felt that we are good with the pitch. But once again I got to feel that bad feeling of what happens when you fall in love in your own idea and don’t succeed on communicating the idea clearly for others. On final deliverable we had everything: pitch that was prepared many days before, we had 3D print prototype and prototype of how the technology is working and we really thought that we are good. And BOOOOM the feedback was crashing us down.

But that is what it is. In business life you need to see the purpose of your product by eyes of the customer. We know that there is a problem existing on prevention culture here in Chile. We know that the problem is existing. We are trusting our solution. On Friday we built the base for the pitch and poster, thinking more about our audience and what are the things that they really want to hear. For the first time I felt that we need to take the business view on this. During the process I’ve been trying to forget the business view and  just show on the deliverables our process and solutions more “engineer way”. But obviously right now it is the moment when we are going to sell the idea for our teachers and counterparts. I have a strong trust on my team and our work!

Week #8

Hard work is getting paid. Finally I have the feeling that all the stressing is getting paid and I have a calm mind with he project. We have got feedback but also learned to trust ourselves and our solution. Feedback means for us, that we need to work more on explaining the reasons, the results and insights to communicate the benefit of our solution for the people outside our team.  We have a clear vision of why this solution is the best solution, we have done the research.

At the beginning of the week we still had 3 solutions put together. On Tuesday we finally understood that we really need to focus on one to have good results and to go forward by developing that. It was an efficient week. We made a mockup of our solution that is a device “safety in your pocket”. It will be a compass that leads you to safety zone. With the mockup we went to the field to test that with our users. And we got good feedback and also answers of how to develop the idea.

This Friday we gathered with the team. We had an open dialogue all together to understand the main subjects of the process, to see what are going to be the key words in our pitch. Also we did analysis together to understand of what are the thing that our users will appreciate. And that is how we got the design of the device.

Next week will be the final deliverable and we are doing good. Before weekend we had a clear tasks. Divided tasks has became easier and easier during the process.

Week #7

Three weeks to go – help! The time has been flying. I can’t understand that we only have two weeks to go for the real concept to present to our counterpart. This week we had a fourth delivery and all the teams presented mockups. Next step for us is to make the solution to be creative and show the people what is the benefit of the solution. After seven week the process is much more clear for me. That is the thing about learning by doing – if the Lapassion project would start all over again from the beginning, I would have clear vision of what we are doing, why we are doing and how we are going to do that. The problematic of learning by doing is, that at the first time you can’t expect yourself to be perfect. I have. a lot of things that I would do differently if I would start this project again.

But that tell me one thing; project has given me valuable tools for future working life. Next week we will do more brainstorming to get the solution that we can prototype and test with users.

Week #6

This week has been kind of ruff. We have gone through over half of the time now, and it is hard to be creative under the pressure. We have clear insights and opportunity and also the ideas of the solution. On Thursday while we got feedback from our counterparts we realised that we need to focus more on prevention. We really need to observe our environment and see the prevention on infrastructure for creating a concrete solution based on the ideas we have. We have three levels for our solutions; national, local community and individual. We have used the information from interviews, observation and marginal practises. And now we will see how the prevention really is working, to give tools individuals to understand the benefit of prevention.

All the time we have had the feeling that we have no idea where to go next and what to do. I share these thoughts with many people from Lapassion. That makes me feel more comfortable with being all the time out of the comfort zone – I know that I am not there alone. Also I think that I have got used on the situation where we really don’t know where to go next. We have gone far, but we still have long way to go.

Week #5

This week we worked very much with analysis and presentation for second delivery. Like the teachers said to us as feedback for our presentation, it seems that our work with the team to be more on the same level has been successful. Still we got a lot feedback from teachers and others students of Lapassion. We are going to use that feedback to succeed the project.

I have learned of how to use different tools (as personas and journey map) to understand our “customer (elder)”.

Personally I have been enjoying to work with our team even though we had a few more than 13hourdays working on project.

Next week we will work on more to be creative with our opportunity and possible solutions. I have strong understanding of our challenge and now we all need to look at it from a different view to find answers. I want to present three different, unique and creative solutions for our counterpart on Thursday. That comes from use of tools, knowledge that we have gathered, open minds and teamwork.

Week #4

How an effective week we had! At the beginning of the week we needed to go throught the presentation of last week. This week I have learned to manage time for the project more efficiently. The first weeks it felt very hard to manage time and understand when and what to do next.

Still I have had hard times with Spanish. I would like to learn it more and I know it would make the working more easy for our group also. But the recourses are limited. Working in multicultural team and with very stright schedule it feel impossible to learn new language.

The timing is not the only thing that is getting easier. Also the understanding of whole process is getting easier. Working with the team is also more comfortable now when we all know that we are on the same level with challenge and opportunity. This coming week we will have a lot to do (again) but when the teams working habits are clear, we now better how to manage our time!

Week #3

This week we were very efficient. We finished our protocol and did the interview based on criteria we have. We divided tasks more so that we could use more of the potential of our team. I was doing observation with Sofi while she did the interviews. I did interesting observations. It was a very first time for me to get to know Chilean culture and everyday life of people. I did observations about peoples’ way of living and thinking and also the infrastructural observations comparing the circumstances to Finland. The differences between these countries (Finland and Chile) are huge in some areas.

This week I realized that we need to pay attention to divide tasks by using the strengths of every one of us. In that way we’ll be more efficient and reach better results. That means that for now when we know each other a bit better we have to discuss the roles in the team. Are there some roles that we need more in our team? Or is there some roles that are not so necessary to be. Next week we will focus on that more. I also have noticed that we still have some difficulties on communication. How do we communicate together face-to-face and digitally?

We have been working hard for three weeks so this Friday it was good to take a break for the project, so we can have a new energy for develop our opportunities and see the solutions in them. However, I have a good feeling of last week. With these thoughts I am ready for the 4th week.

Week #2

This week we have been doing a lot of research about the subjects around our sub-challenge. We are having much more knowledge of the prevention programs and resilience in Chile. Still we have had difficulties to prepare our protocol due to our sub-challenge being so complicated.

This week I have felt it really hard to manage this project in English. I got the feeling that I need to learn Spanish because Chile is not English-speaking country, so it is not easy to live your everyday life here without Spanish skills.

With our team I think we have had some difficulties with all the languages. I strongly believe that it will get easier for all of us to communicate in English during this 10 weeks. I’m also looking forward to see our team to grow and for us to get to know each other more.

We still have a lot of potential and wiliness to succeed the project. This week we have been working a lot and it feels that sometimes expectations for the results doesn’t match the time limits. But I trust the process.

Next week I we need to find a balance between work and spare time by being more efficient. I am highly motivated to get good results.IMG_0003

Week #1

Sara, Finland – Team Coordinator

Hi! I’m Sara Kauppinen from Finland. I’m studying Business Administration at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. My field of expertise is entrepreneurship and team leadership. I have specialized on projects concerning event organizing, marketing and creating websites. I have a lot interest for teamwork by utilizing the strengths of individuals.

The expectations for lapassion project is to see the power of multicultural and multidisciplinary team to create new solutions which can be put into practice.