All this week we been working in our prototype, is incredible how all the group is connected and focus in one goal, we been working a lot, and now all the members of our group are showing they knowledge in there areas, i been learning a lot from my friends and i hope that they learn from me too.


On this week we had formulate our solution, we had feedbacks from the teachers and they said that our ideas are good but we need to focus only in one because it was a big idea. we focus on do something simple, with low technology, easy to carry, something that you can carry everywhere in anytime.


This week was interesting because we continue working in our solution but on Tuesday we had to organized the breakfast for all our classmates, it was a really fun experience, we did an activity were our friends help us to testing part of our solution and give some feedbacks for keep working in our challenge.


On this week we had a really fun activity for Constanza, it was something new for some of us, we had to deconstruct an object and analyzed how the pieces are working together, and how this process can work in our solution for the challenge that we had.

Also we been thinking about the mockup and on Thursday we had the fist grand deliverable and it was very important because our counterpart was there.


On this week we decided to organize all the data that we had, and also complete some data that was no complete, it was a very stressfull week because we had a lot of work to do, at the same time i have regular classes at duoc and we had some issues with the communication between the team members, but we talk about it and now it is all good


This week we worked doing interviews in different places of Santiago, one of them in Estación Central, Sara and I did five interviews in this community, all these people were over 65 years old, before the interviews we created a protocol to investigate the lifestyle of this town, and also how they react in case of emergency, to conclude with the interviews we can identify that the elderly in Estación Central have a common definition as “they are used to disasters”, they think that the governmental organizations are weak because they use parameters of unfair and that is why they do not believe in organizations, and the elderly try to find solutions on their own. On another topic, the use of technology in the elderly is basic, and they are not interested in learning about it because they do not need it, they have everything they need close  and live with their families.


On this week we were working doing interviews in different places of Santiago, this places are Estación Central and San Bernardo. The data that we recollect from the interviews was that elderly is calm and they have a lot of experience on natural catastrophes, on the places that we did interviews the most remembered event was earthquakes, so we decided to work for prevent the disaster on this event. So we want to use the knowledge of the elder for teach us how to act in these cases.


At This week the realized that this is a big project and we have a lot todo, i’m so exited about it, in my group we only speak english because no all of us speak Spanish so is easier to everybody understand, we are getting to know each other and the guys are so nice, we officially start this project en we are going to do the best for it.


Sofia, Chile – Design

Hello! My name is Sofía Tapia, i’m from Chile, and i’m at the last year of Graphic Design at Duoc UC.

I like travel and meet new people from everywhere, learn other cultures and i’m interested at all the areas of design, at my free time i like relaxing doing draws, painting and designing. I also work like freelance at my area.

At “LaPassion” i expect lear how to create a big project, communicate my ideas in better way, practice my English and use my soft skills.