Week #4

This week we have been focusing for our team and that every one of us is on the same page. We created new folder on drive where we are having all the materials, and all the important information for the whole process from the day on to this moment.




We decided to have at least 2 weekly meeting to help the communication between each others( considering the different languages and interpretation). On monday we started with feedback session and making the schedule for coming week. We noticed that other teams have probably had same kind of thoughts as we had on Tuesdays class we were having another feedback session. All the groups were giving feedback to teammates. On tuesday we also went through the vision of this whole project and our challenge. It made Wednesdays session much easier.



On Wednesday we met with the whole team. We shared our individual visions of the process, where we started and where we are going next. All of us noticed same kind of problems that we have. We realise that we have a lot of information but we haven’t shared that anywhere.
After all, on wednesday we knew what kind of questions we had to solve. We needed to get more information about local communities and their prevention programs and relations with organisations and residents of the area.



We made new protocol based on the mind map that we created together on thursday. On that mindmap you could see the whole process and insights that we have gathered at the moment.

On Sunday we had weekly meeting again. We met and saw what insights did we get from new interviews and we did questions for communities that we will send by email to understand the relations more inside the community.

Next week we will develop our opportunity and make three solutions out of it for the second delivery.

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